Efficient Operations & Effective Marketing to Improve Profit

UTOPIA was founded in 1994 by Stephen Shope while implementing operational efficiency programs at Tetley USA. Steve has been an entrepreneur his entire life. He has developed, managed and sold many of his own businesses. He brings the same level of passion to helping others achieve the objectives they’ve established for their own enterprises.

Growth is not exclusive to business. Over the past 26 years, Steve has helped hundreds of clients including non-profit organizations, government agencies, tourism economies and businesses of all sizes.

Steve is proud to have served 3 excepted-service appointments with the U.S. Department of Commerce where he has managed large-scale operations and public relations programs at the highest levels of federal government.

We can help you produce efficient operations and effective marketing to improve profit for many years to come.


Operational Excellence

Growth begins with efficient operations, sound organizational structure, processes, policies and systems. These are the foundation of scalable, sustainable growth. Increasing revenue without first optimizing operations will lead to failure.

UTOPIA can guide your leadership team through the optimization process or take the reigns and execute the program for you.

Strategic Marketing

Efficient operations & effective marketing to improve profit is the goal. However, many businesses struggle to implement effective marketing programs that produce sustainable growth. Effective marketing can be achieved regardless of your budget. Start where you are.

UTOPIA can teach you the basics, assist in creating your plans, support the development of strategy and connect you to the soul of marketing….DATA! You will never look at marketing the same again.

Cultural Integrity

Mission is what you do. Culture is how you do it. Developing the proper culture will help continually drive efficient operations & effective marketing to improve profit. This equates to growth.

A well-developed culture is the heart of sustainable and continual improvements at all levels. UTOPIA understands the art and science behind it.

Coalition Building

UTOPIA CEO, Steve Shope, has built local, regional and multi-state coalitions around a variety of complex issues.

From the opioid epidemic to government funding to poverty – Steve has led efforts that have produced measurable impact for stakeholders and the general public.

Impact is the result of changing mindsets, which prompts and/or changes actions. On any scale, the process begins with effectively building community around the issue.

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